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  • The Temple of the Serpent

    » The Temple of the Serpent

    Houdini: Master of the Extraordinary portrays the master magician`s spectacular world tour of 1924. The Twins Blavatsky and their Seven Fold Soul will stop at nothing to kill Houdini during his travels. They have called upon a variety of deadly allies who

  • Hemp

    » Hemp

    Help the cute character to collect all the marijuana plants, seeds, and bottles. Avoid the police, electrified fences and other hazards.

  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Hidden Letters

    » Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Hidden Letters

    Find out all the letter hidden within the Vampire Hunter Image

  • Turtix

    » Turtix

    Turtix didn`t know what would happen when he tried casting a powerful spell without the supervision of his teacher. He lost control, and now things are even worse than he knew! He needs your help! He must find the pieces of a shattered amulet, and help sa

  • SteppenWolf (Chapter 1 - Episode 2)

    » SteppenWolf (Chapter 1 - Episode 2)

    You awaken in a tribal village. Derek your assistant is nowhere to be found. To escape

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  • Fireman Incoming Storm

    » Fireman Incoming Storm

    Play as Fireman in this adventurous journey, facing real challenges and real battles with loads of enemies.

  • David: Dawn of a King

    » David: Dawn of a King

    You are David! It`s time for you to start your shepherd practice. Can you manage to find lost sheep in the nearby woods? There are wild animals around there so be careful.

  • Phil's Skyak Adventure

    » Phil's Skyak Adventure

    Watch out for flying obstacles, pick up points and bonuses and find the Afterburner!

  • Squidbillies Floor It

    » Squidbillies Floor It

    Floor the car, launch Rusty into the sky and do as much damage on the ground as you can.

  • Climate Chaos

    » Climate Chaos

    The Super Flash Bros present a brand new 3D adventure from the world of Another Day. Featuring original music by Dustball and voice acting by Egoraptor!

  • Aventura Magica

    » Aventura Magica

    Collect all the magic wands in order to rescue Timmy`s fairy godparents, before the time runs out.

  • Squawk

    » Squawk

    Play a small bird fantasy adventure game. Collect golden eggs, dive in under water and ride clouds.

  • Sky Fighters

    » Sky Fighters

    The aim of this game is to survive as long as you can and destroy as many enemies as possible. If you need extra ammo fly over your base and collect it.

  • Floating City

    » Floating City

    Hey friends!!! Here there is a trip for you to a floating city were everything will be in floating state. Your effort is to ride the boat and land the prince in the floating palace by collecting several expensive things. Ride safely without hitting any ob

  • The Night Before

    » The Night Before

    Play mini games around the bar as you gain inventory to further the main game. Don`t get stuck!

  • Zelda Seeds Of Darkness

    » Zelda Seeds Of Darkness

    The evil seeds of darkness have grown in the forest of Hyrule. Help Link to find and destroy them using a bomb!

  • The Amazing Spiderman

    » The Amazing Spiderman

    You must make it to the end of each level by collecting T-shirts. Don`t fall below and Web your way wisely. Goodluck!

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