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    That creepy old Mister Stitch has petnapped your beloved Sparky! Embark on a daring rescue mission through the house on the hill, probing deeper and deeper into the secret life of Mister Stitch ... and discover his most unpleasant pasttime.

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  • Cursor Escape

    » Cursor Escape

  • Lost City

    » Lost City

    Shoot all enemies and stay alive for as long as possible.

  • Royal Thumble

    » Royal Thumble

    Choose your side! Are you a Dextera? or a Sinista? Proceed for to a thumb on thumb battle and win your way to the top of the Thumb Wrestling Federation!

  • Qwerty Warriors 2

    » Qwerty Warriors 2

    A new wave of enemy units is approaching your soldier. Just like in the previous episode, intelligence has done its job superbly. Every enemy unit has been identified and tagged.

  • Defend your Temple 2

    » Defend your Temple 2

    Defend your temple by shooting all the enemies in each wave as you upgrade weapons through a shop.

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