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    The Goal of the game is to clear all 5 sectors. Each sector consists of several missions, and are visible within the map. The numbers on each mission indicate their difficulty level. Progress through all levels to unlock the next sector. Zombie`s Often dr

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  • World of Pain - Chapter 2

    » World of Pain - Chapter 2

    Build your character as you fight enemies and gain experience and go threw the story.

  • Pop Pirates

    » Pop Pirates

    The viruses stole the music! You gotta get in there and steal it back from them! Man your antivirus plane, shoot the viruses to gain power-ups, and take back your PC!

  • Lamer Hunting

    » Lamer Hunting

    Nothing beats a day of hunting Lamers! Enjoy

  • Will It Fly

    » Will It Fly

    As a bush pilot of a small aircraft you must take off with as much cargo and as many passengers as you safely can, while avoiding terrain and obstacles.

  • Avatar Elemental Escape

    » Avatar Elemental Escape

    Switch between multiple game characters to complete the map and rescue all the team members.

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