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  • Matching Tetris

    » Matching Tetris

    Mix and match and eliminate! Don`t let them reach the top.

  • Red Earth

    » Red Earth

    The evil Sauron retrieved the magical ring and converted our Earth into a red planet. Find and Destroy the ring before it destroys the earth.

  • Dance Dance Carabao

    » Dance Dance Carabao

    There are four arrows that correspond to your keyboard directional keys. Once the game starts, arrows would start scrolling up. Time the key pressing of the corresponding keyboard directional keys once the scrolling arrows overlap it. You score with every

  • Cascade 2

    » Cascade 2

    Cascade proved so popular with you guys, we just had to make a new version!The same rules apply, click on the large areas of coloured blocks to get rid of them, and do it as quickly as you can. The difference it there`s no timer in this version. But don`t

  • Play GBall

    » Play GBall

    Guide the ball to the finish line avoid the hole and collects coins for extra points

  • Play Lunar Command

    » Play Lunar Command

    Save the lunar population by protecting the moon base from a vicious alien attack

  • Mad Pac

    » Mad Pac

    Some ghostly creatures have abducted Mrs Mad Pac! You`ve to guide Mad Pac through various levels and rescue her.

  • Zelda Invaders 2

    » Zelda Invaders 2

    Pick a map and play! You can play Classic, Dungeon, Castle and Death MT.

  • Footie Kick

    » Footie Kick

    Remember! Any idiot can score a goal in soccer, what you need to do is hit anyone who gets in your way.

  • Chinese Memory

    » Chinese Memory

    Practice your memory and try to match set of cards.

  • Play Ultimate Flash Sonic

    » Play Ultimate Flash Sonic

    Pick from Sonic Tails Knuckles or Cream in this fast pace platform game

  • Play The Claque Beignet

    » Play The Claque Beignet

    Slap the singers face The quicker you slap them the higher you score

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