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  • Key Master

    » Key Master

    Typing is a deadly art - you must practice! Fend off menacing beasts by typing their names. Kaboom!

  • Fruit Catcher

    » Fruit Catcher

    Try to catch a much fruit as you want to gain more points. This game was created by a Filipino.

  • Image Disorder Hilary Duff

    » Image Disorder Hilary Duff

    Arrange the tiles to complete Hilary Duff`s image.

  • Toy Shop

    » Toy Shop

    Sell beautiful toys for kids and kids at heart.

  • Diana Agron

    » Diana Agron

    Dianna has appeared in Numb3rs, Shark, Close to Home and CSI:NY, as well as a series regular role in Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell and Jaime Ray Newman. She has also appeared on It`s a Mall World, a series of short films directed by Milo Ventimiglia.

  • Ice Cream

    » Ice Cream

    Drive the ice cream truck and give out ice cream using the arrows. Give them out to everyone who asks.

  • Madison Rabbit: Wedding Dress up

    » Madison Rabbit: Wedding Dress up

    Click on the different parts of the Madison`s silhouette and choose the best clothes for her wedding day!

  • MakeUp Barbie

    » MakeUp Barbie

    Choose a model, pick your makeup, hair and jewelry and check out your new look!

  • Desert Girl Dress Up

    » Desert Girl Dress Up

    When you`re a beautiful desert princess that owns a fabulous palace, getting a date with the most famous prince around is piece of cake. What`s harder though is getting ready for the date, because your wardrobe is full of great outfits to wear. Can you gi

  • Cooking Show: Steak

    » Cooking Show: Steak

    Learn to cook a delicious steak in you kitchen

  • Cops And Burglar

    » Cops And Burglar

    Burglar wants to rob the bunch of dollars and money bags without getting caught to the cops. Guide him to do so before the time runs out and earn points. Play all the levels and win the game. Use mouse to guide him.

  • Daycare Nightmare

    » Daycare Nightmare

    You have to care for baby vampires, dragons and other monsters while their parents are at work. You have to pay attention to their needs. For example, you may need to change their diapers or put them in a high chair to feed them. Use the mouse to move.

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