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  • TaeKwon - Do

    » TaeKwon - Do

    Show how skillfull you are in the field of Taekwondo. A Korean martial art that requires a lot of kicking and punching with speed and power.

  • Crush The Castle

    » Crush The Castle

    Crush the castles with your catapult as you launch your rocks and try to kill everybody inside.

  • F-18 Hornet

    » F-18 Hornet

  • Avatar Fortress Fight 2

    » Avatar Fortress Fight 2

    Launch fireballs and more at the other village. Try to take down their dojo by launching weapons.

  • Spicy Fries

    » Spicy Fries

    Collect the Hot & Spicy French Fries by clicking on them and completing four stages mild,spicy, flaming Hot,On Fire!

  • Beetle Wars

    » Beetle Wars

    You are a poor little beetle fighting for fame and glory against other insects.

  • Office War

    » Office War

    Hate your office mate? Declare war with them while your boss is not around!

  • Heli Strike

    » Heli Strike

    Fly your chopper and blow away enemy vehicles and bases in this top-down shooter. Fire missiles!

  • Clear Vision

    » Clear Vision

    Between assassination jobs, learn the dark truth about this stick dude`s past. It`s not pretty. But he does have a nice apartment.

  • Play The Pharaohs Tomb

    » Play The Pharaohs Tomb

    Collect all the gold you can but avoid the monsters!

  • Shirley's Revenge

    » Shirley's Revenge

    You have to stop the android before he destroy the city.

  • Police Rural Rampage

    » Police Rural Rampage

    This ones a treat for those of you wanting some old school top down driving action. Dish out some hard line NYC style law enforcement as you play an American Cop working the streets in rural England. It`s no easy job dealing with regular Car Jackings with

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