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  • TU-95

    » TU-95

    Take control of the airplane as you take-off, fly, and land. Control the flaps to stay in the air.

  • Wacked Mission Mode

    » Wacked Mission Mode

    Fly a chopper over the city and perform various tasks for your Boss, to eliminate the rival gang!

  • Labyrinth

    » Labyrinth

    Find the exit.

  • Drop da Beatz

    » Drop da Beatz

    Destroy the radio antennas and avoid the other ships that fly over the city. Fly your aircraft and throw musical bombs.

  • Bermuda Triangle

    » Bermuda Triangle

    Fly your plane safely through the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in bad weather and avoiding the UFOs to survive till the end...

  • Pio Pio

    » Pio Pio

    Control the little bird to eat all of the fruit but beware of the rockets!

  • Falling Thomachan

    » Falling Thomachan

    Help Thomachan collect all the valuables in the air before reaching the ground.

  • Sky Fire Fighter

    » Sky Fire Fighter

    The forest is on fire! Fly a plane, scoop water from the nearby lake and put off the fire in this addictive game.

  • Solar Wind

    » Solar Wind

    Help this dumb astronaut to cross the galaxy.

  • Pig on the Rocket

    » Pig on the Rocket

    Thrust your way a you collect all the fruits while riding the rocket!

  • Mk5

    » Mk5

    Prototype Helibot Mk5 is the latest in hoverbot technology. But before it can go into service, it must pass the rigorous training program. Become Mk5.

  • Wedgie Toss 2

    » Wedgie Toss 2

    Launch the man as far as possible by giving him the best wedgie you can.

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