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  • Play Super Mario Rampage

    » Play Super Mario Rampage

    Instead of jumping on the enemies, Mario now runs around with a gun in his hands.

  • Jump 'n' Glide

    » Jump 'n' Glide

    Have you ever done air gliding before? Anyway, the object of the game is to collect all the yellow balloons as you glide through the air. Try to jump and Glide toward them, but be careful not to disturb the balloons with bombs.

  • Paparazzi Punch-Out

    » Paparazzi Punch-Out

    Box the celebrity`s as they have similar downfalls to the classic Punch Out.

  • Nameless, The Game

    » Nameless, The Game

    Christopher Columbus has insulted your crippled friend on national television so now itâs pay back time. After you finish constructing a time machine, the two of you are on your way.

  • Bots Zapper

    » Bots Zapper

    Shoot the robots as they fly around on your screen. Careful not to let them shoot you first!

  • Turret Defence 2

    » Turret Defence 2

    Keep the incoming enemies at bay while blowing them and their vehicles away. Upgrade through shop.

  • Winezilla - Attack of the 100ft High Amy

    » Winezilla - Attack of the 100ft High Amy

    Destroy everything in your path and free your husband from jail!

  • Hellgate Defender

    » Hellgate Defender

    Save the kingdom from soldiers who awoke from death. In here you will be a knight who assigned to defend the kingdom. Kingdom repeatedly attacked by soldiers who awoke from death so you must be a strong knight to block them enter the kingdom. Use special

  • Black Knight

    » Black Knight

    Bash the peasants for taxes!

  • Plane Dodge

    » Plane Dodge

    In this game you dodge planes, if you get hit you lose. Your score is your distance traveled.

  • Zoo-Preme Accuracy

    » Zoo-Preme Accuracy

    Sasquacth used his evil roar to turn all animal in the city zoo into his minions and now they are on rampage.

  • Shuriken Escape

    » Shuriken Escape

    Your goal in this fun little game is to survive as long as possible to show your ninja abilities.

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