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  • Danny Phantom Portal Problem

    » Danny Phantom Portal Problem

    Aim at the monsters and punch them. Go into phantom mode to go through barriers.

  • Crazy Flasher 3

    » Crazy Flasher 3

    The king of death match is on his mission to be the ultimate street fighter. You can play the story mode or the death match to earn some money to buy new weapons. Be amazed with the original fighting stunts this game has to offer. Have fun!

  • Brink of Alienation IV

    » Brink of Alienation IV

    warning: extremely large filesize: over 11 Mb, be prepared to wait a while for it to load. It takes approx. 40 mins of your time to beat the game. This game was worked on for over a year by the guys at

  • Batman Vs. Mr. Freeze

    » Batman Vs. Mr. Freeze

    Stop Mr. Freeze to turn Gotham city into a popsicle.

  • Spell Racer

    » Spell Racer

    Collect charms and potions. Take a miss on the ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and other creep crawlies!

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