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    Your superhero Batman exclusive running game to exhilarate you! Come on guys Run and jump over tons of obstacles in this crazy new endless running game! Grab various power ups on your way to boost your speed. Collect the stars and bucks on your way and dodge the crawling crabs to win the victorious cup.

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  • Pinocchio Online Coloring

    » Pinocchio Online Coloring

    Put the color to life inside our favorite wooden doll.

  • Contexture 6

    » Contexture 6

    Arrange the puzzle from the grid to form a Contexture.

  • Filomena

    » Filomena

    Filomena likes to try on different clothes in her room. She spends hours looking for the right dress to go out in.

  • Trish

    » Trish

    Trish is a day-dreamer and loves to be creative when she gets dressed. The best part of her look is her original hairstyle which is so wild!

  • Faze

    » Faze

    Can you solve these mind-bending puzzles, or are you just another loser with a laser?

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