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    Playing dressup game with Batman is not just plain dress-up, but super Mega Dressup. In this game you are allowed to change batman`s clothes as you like. You can change his belt, cape, mask, boots, even the background and a car (his famous batmobile). Game has been made by developers.

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  • Sango

    » Sango

    Run around the world and find the enemies to defeat. Use your potions to keep your health high.

  • Abe Clone Wars

    » Abe Clone Wars

    The droid start attacking the remaining human resistance with they clone assault robot. It is controled via main server unit that deployed on each region of their attack. Your duty to disable this server unit and disarmed their clone robot. w/up arrow = u

  • Assault Tank

    » Assault Tank

    Move your tank between the square pillars as you dodge enemy tanks and blow them away with your fire

  • Escape From Planet Hell

    » Escape From Planet Hell

    Shoot the robots that pop out. Be quick and shoot coolant spots on ceilings to reload.

  • smurphin for brooklyn

    » smurphin for brooklyn

    Smurph gangster has had enough and wants vengeance. Time to kill some blue scum!

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  • Feed us

    » Feed us

    Try to eat as much flesh as possible and upgrade your devoted army of blood thirsty piranhas! A silly game of skill and high scores.

  • Knight Rider: Batman

    » Knight Rider: Batman

    A Thrilling adventure with Batman - The Knight Rider. Select your bike, cross the obstacles, collect batman gadgets to earn points. Buy your bike at store to upgrade your skills. Exciting levels to cross with unlimited Fun !

  • Boom Boom Boomer

    » Boom Boom Boomer

    Help Boomerman fight the wicked enemies and save Sam and Mandy from Jambo and Darakoo on the Bermuda Triangle Island. Also retrieve the ancient relic from Dr. Devil and Red Cyanide and return it to the National Antiques Museum.

  • Momentum Missile Mayhem

    » Momentum Missile Mayhem

    Located in a canyon, your gravitational canon is the only defense against an enemy invasion. Enemy units come flocking in and itâââ‰â¢s your job to prevent them from reaching the end.

  • Earth Rock Hunter

    » Earth Rock Hunter

    Earth has exploded and you must collect all the priceless rocks flying through space!

  • TSK 2

    » TSK 2

    Help the Kid defeat evil!

  • Madness Combat Defense

    » Madness Combat Defense

    Build up your defenses to fight off the Madness men!

  • Chainsaw The Children

    » Chainsaw The Children

    A really fun game and you can chainsaw as many people as possible.

  • Play Tai Chi Teddy

    » Play Tai Chi Teddy

    Teddy Bear that use Tai Chi Kungfu in this street fight game

  • Naruto - Kunai Escape

    » Naruto - Kunai Escape

    Help Naruto dodge kunai during some training against his companions.

  • Beetle Wars

    » Beetle Wars

    You are a poor little beetle fighting for fame and glory against other insects.

  • Urban Wizard

    » Urban Wizard

    Slay or shoot down all the evil warlocks that are trying to kill you. Everytime you finished an opponent a new one seems to fall down from the sky. The background music will put you in the right mood.

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