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    Oh no! The cute baby turkey met an accident on air. Rescue and pamper her from injuries. Remove the pricking thorns from the body. Clean the blood from the wounds and give the right treatment. Pay attention, treat her without pain. At last, donít forget to give a fabulous look and make ready for a perfect Thanksgiving party!!!

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  • Sonic XS

    » Sonic XS

    Amy Rose has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic Xs has to fight his way to the top, gaining points by destroying robots, in order to save her.

  • Yoo Sang-Chul Hiddink Save the Home-Run King

    » Yoo Sang-Chul Hiddink Save the Home-Run King

    Home-Run King has been kidnapped and it`s up to Yoo Sang-Chul Hiddink to save him.

  • Super Soldier

    » Super Soldier

    You`re the Super Soldier. Fight for peace.

  • Sonic Shadow XS

    » Sonic Shadow XS

    After kidnaping Amy Rose, Sonic Xs is coming to get you. You must escape through the fire level into the safety of your evil hideout. Pick up coins along the way to earn points. Hurry though, you only have 60 seconds before Sonic Xs catches up to you.

  • Indiana Jones

    » Indiana Jones

    Help Indiana find the the lost treasure!

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