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    Decorate the Christmas tree for the Christmas. Your job is to help Baby Daisy to decorate the Christmas tree. First she has to buy the Christmas items. Try to make Baby Daisy happy by giving her the items she ask for. In the first level you have to wake Baby Daisy up to do shopping for Christmas. In the second level you have to get Baby Daisy ready for shopping. Dress up her with woolen clothes, hat, gloves, scarf and winter boots. Give her a shopping basket. In the third level you have to give Baby Daisy a best Christmas shopping experience. And finally in the fourth level help Baby Daisy to get ready for the Christmas. Dress her up in beautiful Christmas clothes and help her to decorate the room and the Christmas tree. Use your mouse to interact in the game. Mary Christmas and have a nice holidays!

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  • One for the Road

    » One for the Road

    Set your speed, choose how hard to brake, and see if you can stop in time! At the end of each level you can Get a Taxi and save your score, or Get a Drink and take a risk. But be aware, the more you drink the harder it gets and you could lose your hard-ea

  • Pokemon Photos

    » Pokemon Photos

    Here a group of Anime characters pose for a photo. You can also change the background photo.

  • Dress Up Naruto

    » Dress Up Naruto

    Naruto is the most entertaining Manga character as far as martial arts go. Don`t you think he`d make a good match for Sakura?

  • Paz Vega Dress Up

    » Paz Vega Dress Up

    An A-list celebrity in Spain, Vega earned international renown after her stunning work in the sex-filled Sex and Lucia. She was later cast by Pedro Almodovar in Talk to Her and will soon make her American big-screen debut in James L. Brooks` Spanglish.

  • Feedin Time: Bear Bonanza

    » Feedin Time: Bear Bonanza

    It`s feeding Time for the bears, and they want fish! Feed as many hungry bears as you can before the game clock runs out!

  • Ryo Race

    » Ryo Race

    Beat your opponent by hopping your way to the finish line to win some goodies. Have fun!

  • Rachel Bilson Makeover

    » Rachel Bilson Makeover

    O.C. star needs a makeover as a prep for the big screen.

  • Serve Or Die

    » Serve Or Die

    Serve the customers the right food or the chef will cook you alive.

  • Ashley Tisdale Make Up

    » Ashley Tisdale Make Up

    Help her get ready before she goes show time.

  • Casual Style

    » Casual Style

    Dress the usually you. Cute and casual.

  • Erin

    » Erin

    Erin loves comfortable, airy clothes. She doesn`t like anything that will make her feel hot.

  • Secret agents

    » Secret agents

    Secret agents have to go unoticed in the world, which is why they wear dark colors.

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