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  • Pigs War

    » Pigs War

    Pigs Wars - You have to help the little pig to move around the field, throw bombs and blow up as many enemy pig as possible in each level before enemy`s destroys you.

  • Super Mario Flash

    » Super Mario Flash

    This good looking Mario Flash game delivers a more fast passed arcade game play. The graphics are nice and the movement is smooth. The levels are not really related to the original game play so they feel kind of random. Use the arrow keys to jump and move

  • Interiors Hidden Objects

    » Interiors Hidden Objects

    Find out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in short time to score more.

  • Lt. Fly vs The Spiders

    » Lt. Fly vs The Spiders

    A puzzle game mixed with a shooter. Get bullets from the puzzle game to shoot the spiders.

  • Millie Megavolte 3: Millie and the Goblin Rescue

    » Millie Megavolte 3: Millie and the Goblin Rescue

    Save Millie, who has been captured by the demon lord Ulzar!

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  • Ling Yun

    » Ling Yun

    Fly and shoot the incoming flying enemies in this side view jet shooter.

  • Alex

    » Alex

  • Fear Unlimited 2: Issue # 1

    » Fear Unlimited 2: Issue # 1

    Fight all the dark enemies appearing on the screen as you upgrade your character, shoot and slash in this massive RPG-style fighting game.

  • K vs K

    » K vs K

    King of Fighters style system use K and fight against K in this fighting demo.

  • Emerald Thief

    » Emerald Thief

    Great adventure: find the keycodes and steal the emerald jewel but you should remember about laser cameras and robot sentry - the police does not sleep.

  • Germ Fighter

    » Germ Fighter

    Maintain the energy level to resist the germs, as otherwise you will be ruined.

  • Zorro Team

    » Zorro Team

    Help Zorro Team to accomplish their functions for the properity and safety of the city.

  • Mega Man RPG

    » Mega Man RPG

    Your task is to stop the evil robots that have escaped. Good luck Megaman!

  • Spider Man 3

    » Spider Man 3

    Spider Man 3: Dark Side. Dont let spider man fall down. Keep him flying around.

  • Hands of War

    » Hands of War

    Kill enemies as you grab gold and complete quests. Get money to buy armor and better weapons.

  • Sneaky Tanks

    » Sneaky Tanks

    Choose your tank and kill everybody else. The game is played in rounds of 10 minutes where you have to destroy your opponents and stay alive to get the best ratio. You will receive money for damaging the other tanks, which can be used to buy better tanks

  • Zombie Horde Game

    » Zombie Horde Game

    Your legs are broken and zombies are attacking you. Take them out and keep your infection in check.

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