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    Help Apingu to collect fishes as many as you can in a limited time and go to the iglo in this simple puzzle platform game. Put your feet up on slipery ice and avoid all obstacle and get for the highest score. Left Right Arrow = move Up Arrow = jump P = pause

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  • Play Tetris Arcade

    » Play Tetris Arcade

    Play a great remake of the classic arcade game Tetris

  • Balloon Hunter

    » Balloon Hunter

    Shoot down the balloons before they get out of reach. Accuracy, timing and power are everything in this game.

  • Rita`s Flower Shop

    » Rita`s Flower Shop

    Take orders from live customers, by phone or by internet. Create the floral arrangements requested by combining the appropriate flowers, baskets and accessories. Try to be quick and precise. Take orders from live customers, by phone or by internet. Create

  • Sonic Xtreme

    » Sonic Xtreme

    Sonic returns in a New flash game. Grab the golden rings and don`t die. How long can you stay alive?

  • Play Kore Karts

    » Play Kore Karts

    Play the game alone or playing together with the second player and computer The first one who completes the require laps win

  • Troll Rampage

    » Troll Rampage

    A Troll returns home to find that the little humans have murdered his wife and kids, what does he do?

  • Play I am Being Eaten by a Sea Monster

    » Play I am Being Eaten by a Sea Monster

    A freak wave came along tand made all the people on your boat fall into the sea You are the only one left on the board and now it is upto to save them from sea monsters

  • Play Blue Midget Walker

    » Play Blue Midget Walker

    Control the powerful Midget Walker and kill as many civillians as your can

  • Save The Ring

    » Save The Ring

    Help Frodo find all the Gold rings on each level and avoid the evil sorcerers.

  • Atomic Pong

    » Atomic Pong

    A very new and advance twist in the classic old school game of ping pong. Try and beat your opponent!

  • Play Flesh Fight

    » Play Flesh Fight

    This game have no time limit You may blast as many enemies as you wish but do not let them hit you They can smash you too

  • Mario World

    » Mario World

    Press up arrow to enter the exit door at the end of a level.

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