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    Help Apingu to collect fishes as many as you can in a limited time and go to the iglo in this simple puzzle platform game. Put your feet up on slipery ice and avoid all obstacle and get for the highest score. Left Right Arrow = move Up Arrow = jump P = pause

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  • String Avoider Deluxe

    » String Avoider Deluxe

    Guide your long string to the end of the level and avoid walls, use scissors to cut it short for easier passage. Make wide when dealing with corners. Keep your eye on your lives, rushing may not always be a good idea. take it slow and steady.

  • Breaking Point

    » Breaking Point

    Shoot down those zombies with your tank`s cannon or slice them up using those side blades, in this ultimate tank shooter.

  • Play Doughnut Jump

    » Play Doughnut Jump

    Jump from the Doughnut scuplture into the dinghy waiting in the sea below watch out for the seagull

  • Easter Goal

    » Easter Goal

    The goal of the game is to hit the Easter Bunny Board with the easter egg.

  • Fit To Be pied

    » Fit To Be pied

    Fight against computer by throwing a pie at them.

  • Rogue Cubid

    » Rogue Cubid

    Redcap Assault is about a Rogue Cupid called Rudo...Well, an adventurous and uncompromising Cupid!

  • SkillBall

    » SkillBall

    SkillBall is a great new Arkanoid/Breakout game clone with 20 beautiful and well designed levels of increasing difficulty. As in all Breakout games the objective is to destroy and remove all bricks/pieces from the screen with a ball that is controlled wit

  • Totem Breaker

    » Totem Breaker

    The tribe `Coco-do-do` while celebrating the harvest found out that the neighboring tribe members were placing enemy totems everywhere on their land... Now your objective is to get rid of all strangers, to destroy the remaining totems and finally to set

  • Super Sled Racing

    » Super Sled Racing

    Help Santa ride down the hill on his sled and collect the gifts, before the time runs out.

  • Old Angry Wizard

    » Old Angry Wizard

    Help the old wizard kill the wraiths who are harassing him, with his sword. Remember to give him the heart pills to regain stamina!!!

  • Pico School

    » Pico School

    Watch out, Pico, the weirdo of the class has gone mad with a machine gun she is going from room to room killing everyone, it is up to you to stop her.

  • Play Mashi Mario

    » Play Mashi Mario

    Move Mario through the course without being injured

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