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  • Surrounded

    » Surrounded

    Your ship is surrounded with enemies and its fight fight for urvival.

  • Power Rangers Dinothunder

    » Power Rangers Dinothunder

    The evil Dr. Mercer has trapped Tommy! It`s now up to harness the powers of the remaining Rangers and rescue him.

  • Counterstrike

    » Counterstrike

    A flash version of the popular computer game Counterstrike.

  • Super Pico All-Stars

    » Super Pico All-Stars

    Choose your character and defend yourself against ruthless enemies. This is the ultimate Pico fighting game.

  • Dangerous

    » Dangerous

    The rebels are trying to take over the city. You have to defeat the rebels and finish the mission. Use your mouse cursor to aim and shoot at your targets.

  • Play Panik in Chocoland

    » Play Panik in Chocoland

    Fly around, collect bombs and do your thing

  • Missile Strike

    » Missile Strike

    Destroy incoming comets. Ammo is limited, so try to hit several comets at once. Ammo will be refilled with each round.

  • 41st Reality

    » 41st Reality

    Shoot all the incoming enemies that appear. Dodge their fire and them as you fly towards you.

  • Slug Smash

    » Slug Smash

    Smash up an army of psychotic slugs and dodge explosive meteors!

  • Dust

    » Dust

    Customize your character, pick up weapons and kill the enemies before they kill you.

  • Gangsta Bean

    » Gangsta Bean

    Move this beany hero through this game console worthy hit game and execute everything that moves.

  • TKFB The Game

    » TKFB The Game

    In this game you are a guy running in his underpants and holding a huge sword. You are on a kind of bounty island, and you need to kill hostile aborigines to pass the game.

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